Sunday, February 7, 2016

Washington Post Article: The cloud wars are seriously heating up

According to this article in the Washington Post, Cloud Computing "means a huge business opportunity — and that has sparked heavy competition among companies looking to manage the tech needs of the next decade's enterprise market."

It points out that cloud revenues were a very large focus for analyst attention on recent earnings calls with Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Oracle.

The article highlighted the fact that Amazon reported $687 million in operating income on $2.4 billion in revenue for Amazon Web Services (AWS).  It also predicted that AWS revenue for the year was on track to be "just short" of $10 billion by the end of its fourth quarter.  It also explained that Microsoft does not break out specifically how much money it's cloud infrastructure service,  Azure, makes, but it did report that Azure had grown 140 percent in the past year. Its cloud services overall, which include traditional server businesses such as Exchange, brought in $6.3 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter, a 5 percent improvement over the same period last year.

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