Sunday, February 7, 2016

CRN Article: Oracle claims it is quicker than rivals in the cloud

According to this article in CRN, Oracle spends $5.4 billion on R&D every year and that is double our nearest competitor," Senior vice president for cloud Shawn Price said. "So not only are they not spending the requisite R&D as a percentage of total revenue, they don't have the base from which to actually evolve." 

Price labelled any comments that Oracle is itself late to the cloud party as "naïve" and said it couldn't have made this shift any faster. "If you look at our competitors, they don't have a cloud ERP offering," he said. "If you think about SAP, it has no [ERP] offering in the cloud. We are often tagged as being late to the cloud, but if you look at the performance, the scale, that's very naïve. We have 19 data centers, 70 million subscriptions, 600 million SaaS applications and we have taken all the infrastructure that our customers have bought from us and imported that to the cloud.

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