Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Motley Fool Article: Amazon Is Chasing After (and Winning) a $191 Billion Prize

According to this article on The Motley Fool, Amazon is poised to dominate the $191 billion "hypergrowth" opportunity that is cloud computing by 2020.  The article highlights over-hyped security concerns that supposedly keep organizations out of the cloud by mentioning the fact that Amazon Web Services (AWS) won a $600 million cloud contract for the CIA back in 2013.

This article states that Amazon is larger than it's next 4 largest competitor in Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) although we have been seeing articles that say Amazon is bigger than their next 14 competitors.

The article is concluded by trying to estimate a value for Amazon's cloud business by comparing them to pure-play cloud providers Salesforce and Box and coming up with a value between $51.5 and $68.2 billion dollars.

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