Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RainStor rebrands and targets U.S. cloud market for structured data

The majority of growth and traction in the cloud services space will be in North America. That's the view of infrastructure software company RainStor, and it's why the company, formerly known as Clearpace, has rebranded itself and moved its' head office to San Francisco from the U.K., to coincide with the release Tuesday of RainStor 3.5, the latest version of its' cloud service for structured data.

"We launched in the middle of this year a cloud service, for partners who want to deliver this as a service," said John Bantleman, CEO of RainStor. "Rainstor was initially the brand for the cloud service, and the strong market recreption was positive, and this is where we figured the company was heading. To have two brands we thought was not a good strategy, so we changed the name of the company to RainStor."

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