Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cloud Computing Grows Up

In 2009, the cloud went from a vague concept to a must-have technology.

It's always fun to watch the emergence of new IT trends and how quickly concepts and products evolve in the early stages. Never was this truer than with cloud computing and what the industry witnessed around its evolution. Over the past year, cloud computing has captured significant attention of CEOs, CIOs and IT personnel alike, as businesses began to investigate the value of moving certain workloads to a cloud model. Facing mounting pressures to provide better services quickly, while reducing costs, many IT decision makers found the economics and capabilities of cloud compelling.

Now with analyst firm Gartner's recent proclamation that cloud computing is the number one technology in its annual "Top 10 Strategic Technologies" list, it's clear that 2009 marked the maturation of this emerging form of computing. Here are a few significant highlights:

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