Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can Windows Azure deliver on IT's interest in it?

InfoWorld - Windows Azure, Microsoft's fledgling cloud computing platform, is piquing the interest of IT specialists who see it as a potential solution for dealing with variable compute loads. But an uptick in deployments for Azure, which becomes a fee-based service early next year, could take a while, with customers still just evaluating the technology.

"We'd be targeting applications that have variable loads" for possible deployment on Azure, said David Collins, a system consultant at the Unum life insurance company. The company might find Azure useful for an enrollment application. "We have huge activity in November and December and then the rest of the year, it's not so big," Collins said. Unum, however, is not ready to use Azure, with Collins citing issues such as integrating Azure with IBM DB2 and Teradata systems.

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