Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7 Criteria for Evaluating a Move to the Cloud

It can be difficult for solution providers to fully understand how cloud-based applications and services will work within their clients' office environments. Vendors often declare that every solution is suitable for cloud technology, and industry experts are divided on whether the cloud is the best thing since sliced bread or a technology that's not yet ready for prime time.

Scott Ryan, CEO and co-founder of Asankya, a cloud acceleration service provider for Internet-based applications based in Atlanta, helps clear up the confusion with seven criteria for better understanding the technology's value. "These simple criteria," he says, "are a guide to companies that are evaluating a move to the cloud but have been reticent to act due to the noise coming from vendors and analysts across the industry."

1. Throughput. Today's dynamic, collaborative applications are placing heavy strains on the network. It is important to find a way to address throughput limitations and variability. The biggest issues facing Internet application throughput are protocol inefficiencies, delay, network congestion, and middle-mile bottlenecks. Using an Application Delivery Network that can solve these issues will ensure that performance is good for all users, not just the ones near to where the application is hosted.

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